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Next Show is on 15th December 7:30pm - 8:30pm 14 Raglan Street North Melbourne.

Hi! I'm Billy, I illustrate, podcast & design internets. This internet place showcases my recent illustration work and podcasts that I have produced.

My podcast "The Billetin".. (ahem) is a live event that I host around every 2 weeks. I interview a creative human (which includes all humans) about their experience, work and particular moments of inspiration. Each episode I create work based on and influenced by my guest which is interesting, because you know it is a weird crossover between an auditory medium and a visual one. I hope they work well together and individually and I hope you enjoy my work. So many hopes.

If you want to know when the next show is on join my social medias, currently instagram and facebook are my most active. There a million ways to connect, choose one, if you like. Oh and click the like button above, if you like. "I really like your smile." - Dave Wrene 2003.


Don't kill your idol, draw them

The amazing talented portrait artist Eleanor Orchard was on this episode. Large numbers of humans were present at the recording which created super fun times. We get talking about learning how to draw, weird obsessions and the audience participates by creating art for us to critique (Slag off). Listen! Huzzah!

Eleanor Orchard Listen to the Podcast

Queer Little Crow

This weeks guest was the wonderfully funny stand up comedian Aiden Pyne. We talk about how to smash hard rubbish for money, bastard colours and bureaucratic confectionery.

Aidin Pyne Listen to the Podcast

The Best Podcast in the World

Sally Land the amazing illustrator is this weeks guest. Topics include gold illustrator advice nuggets, communism and 1000 origami bunnies!

Sally Land Listen to the Podcast

No Craigs Club

The inimitable Tim Molloy! Topics include, going in and out of religion, how evolutionary pattern recognition makes for conspiracy theories and the effect falling over has on your art.

Tim Molloy Listen to the Podcast

Matilda the Pidgey

Sophie Darling was my guest this ep. Sophie is an event organiser and performance artist. She is smart and funny and great. Listen below for the fun times. We talk about killing your idol, perceptual palsy, we forget what pigeons sound like and finish by discussing the pigdey picture I made. Listen, hurrah!

Sophie Darling Listen to the Podcast


Gabriel Bergomoser was my wonderful guest this episode. Gabriel is a Melbourne based author and playwright whom recently won the prestigious Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award for his pilot screenplay based on Windmills and was flown to the International Emmys in New York in November to accept.

His new book Boone Shepard is available to buy, so you know, you should go buy it and read it and become enriched.

Gabriel Bergmoser Listen to the Podcast


This weeks guest is stand up comic and guy, Peter Jones! We discuss how the show Office Space saved his life and how some people bring sleeping bags to work, for sleeping.

Peter Jones Listen to the Podcast

Dinosaur with a Different Head

Travis Nash and I discuss Jim Henson and Travs point and click adventure game, “Comedy Quest”. Lastly an attempt is made to explain my illustration “The See Change”.

Travis Nash Listen to the Podcast

Mexican Sadness Hole

Meet Woolsie, the mayor of Melbourne. Ahh Melbourne, where everyone is mayor. Discover the many uses for a Mexican sadness hole, and also we make words at each other about the terrible thing that I did.

Listen to the Podcast

Solar Encepalittis Wind Animal Farm

Brendon Hillerman is a man amongst men. A splendid, affable and successful fellow. Listen to us discuss the moment a painting hits you and how it resonates emotionally. LISTEN TO IT.

Brendon Hillerman Listen to the Podcast

Croup and Vandemar

Sean Pocock actor, singer and performer of muscials. Sean dreams of performing headwig and the angry inch, which he will.

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Sum Dimensions

The wonderful human Henry Singleton discusses abstract concepts in development and an alien David Attenborough makes an appearance.

Henry Singleton Listen to the Podcast

Arizona Road

The amazing artist, musician, voice actor and animator Harry Porter discusses some things which I then badly produce. This turns into a weird sound scape experiment. I hope to have Harry back on the podcast soon.

Listen to the Podcast

Banal Except when Dipped

I talk to Tom Gordan about how to make crackers more like art. I also create the outro for my podcast so listen till the end to hear it.

Listen to the Podcast

Colin Spacey

This episode is about funny things that are funny. One of my favourite humans Alan Burns is my guest. We talk about how Calvin and Hobbes played a major role in influencing Alan’s life choises and we end by talking about what my strange drawing of a chicken egg could possibly mean.

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